• 1932:
    Aníbal Gil was born in the Municipality of Don Matias Antioquia in a large family of 5 children.
  • 1946:
    Moves with the rest of his family to Medellín to finally start art studies and in turn in UPB high school.
  • 1953:
    It is dedicated from its first workshop to go through Antioquia and its populations to paint every weekend. There with his first Maestro Rafael Gómez makes his first exhibition. Also for this date his father Aldemar Gil dies, from where Aníbal Gil receives an inheritance to be able to achieve his dream of studying art in Europe.
  • 1954:
    It begins its exit to Europe, in search of new horizons where already they were Fernando Botero and Enrique Grau, artists of its same class. There he began painting studies of various techniques such as tempera, mural, engraving and others in the School of Fine Arts of San Marcos, Florence.
  • 1957:
    Aníbal decides to undertake some trips to know the Middle East and Western Europe, from there it would draw its first inspirations on history of the art. Having finished his travels, he returns to Colombia on May 10, with the intention of beginning to teach his learned knowledge, his return is so pleasing that he is immediately hired as a professor at the National University. And then with his old master they decided to found the Institute of Plastic Arts of the University of Antioquia.
  • 1958:
    Aníbal Gil joins with his former professor Rafael Saenz in an exhibition of 25 copies in the professional club. And he gets the first prize for his work Gallos fight. The first one also in engraving with his work White and black flower. And it is at this time that experts consider Aníbal Gil as the striker of modern art in Antioquia.
  • 1960:
    Marries his great love, Doña Mercedes Duque de Gil, who would beget his 3 daughters Maria Eulalia, Maria Alejandra and Maria Paulina. Also during these years he makes murals for different companies and travels for reasons of his great dedication to the teaching and study of techniques like Oleo, Temple, Engraving, Stained glass, among others.
  • 1964:
    In the company of the sculptor Rodrigo Arenas Betancourt they founded the engraving workshop of the University of Antioquia, famous for being the percussion of this technique at the time.
  • 1968:
    In order to support his students and some of his new colleagues in the art, they hold the first exhibition of Engravings of the University of Antioquia. And for these same years he is invited to participate in the new art exhibition for Medellín de Coltejer textiles.
  • 1970:
    He is appointed director of the Institute of Plastic Arts of the University of Antioquia. And from there he continues with his arduous work and his passionate teaching.
  • 1973:
    From his recognitions Aníbal Gil is invited to biennales of art, also travels again to Europe and the United States with observer intentions.
  • 1983:
    Travels and participates in the San Juan Engraving Biennial, in Puerto Rico.
  • 1987:
    Published his first bibliography and solo work in the book GIL Graphic Works.
  • 1991:
    Publish their second book GIL, a tribute to their more than 30 years dedicated to art and teaching.
  • 1999:
    The Secretary of Education and Culture, publishes the book Aníbal Gil, where they highlight their trajectory and work in different techniques.
  • 2009:
    A tribute to the 60 years of artistic life of Aníbal Gil.
  • Today:
    Aníbal Gil continues teaching and performing art from his personal workshop in the main city of his native Antioquia, Medellín.